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Aero Design Challenge 2017-2018 is a regular and micro class design competition initiated by SAE SAEINDIA Bengaluru Section for the first time with huge enthusiasm to bring and enhance good engineering approach and practice in graduates. The design constraints and scoring strategies were formulated to align with real light weight unmanned air vehicle requirements and provide a most realistic platform for undergraduate and Postgraduate engineering students. The scoring calculation is made to given equal importance for both the design process and interpersonal communication skills.

First, The Regular Class is the glow engine the purpose to develop the fundamental understands of flight.

Second, Micro Class design challenge is to design light-weight, UAV style aircraft that can be quickly deployed from a small package. is an all-electric class designed to help students engage in trades between two potentially conflicting requirements, carrying the highest payload fraction possible, while simultaneously pursuing the lowest empty weight possible.

SAEINDIA Bengaluru Section Aero Design Challenge competition has been at capacity in recent years. To help student’s teams multiple entries from one institute/college/university has been put into effect. This means that an institute/college/university can have a maximum Regular Class and Micro Class participation. For those institutions with larger teams we encourage you to pool resources and exercise your project management skills to bring together the larger team and execute on the project.